• Based on the grass at Victoria Avenue

    • 45 minute sessions

    • Ultimate technical focus and learning opportunity.

    • Sessions will be delivered ensuring all aspects of child welfare/protection regulations and polices are adhered to

      • Sessions can be tailored to suit individual requirements

    The aim of these sessions is to provide the ultimate coaching experience for the player. With an undivided attention from the coach, they have the opportunity to learn a variety of technique's needed when using the ball, as well as a vital understanding of body position, movement and pitch awareness.

    Players will most likely touch the football fifty times more than they would in a normal group session. This enables them to repeat tasks and challenges to the extent that they very quickly form an understanding of the motor skills needed. Allowing for noticeable improvements over a shorter time period.

    These types of sessions work best when in conjunction with larger group sessions so that players stay used to working with team mates and under pressure against opposition. But the technical work done in the 1 to 1's means that they can build confidence in their ability and skills, to then take into that larger group environment.

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